Since 1999, Andrea Marr has been delivering her brand of feel-good, high-energy original funk, groove, blues and soul music around Australia. Through sheer hard work she has...more

You know her from her exploits with Key Loch, you've seen her take the Planet Blue Pictures Youtube by storm with her Sync Pitches, now give a...more

Bobby Soul is a producer, singer, songwriter, engineer and all around artist. Raised on a heavy dose of R&B and Soul, Bobby has incorporated his own style...more

Brigitte Stolk has always been a dreamer ever since she was a child, and realized at an early age that music would play an important part in...more

Funky P Society is a Luxembourg-based modern soul-funk band. In musical terms, the goal of Funky P is to set an example of how, with contemporary production,...more

Kara Mack is one of those ‘True Southern Gals’ and heralded as one of South Carolina’s best-kept secrets. Being a native of Columbia, South Carolina, she got...more

Keith Hines began his song writing career with poetry, something he had always loved but had not started writing until the early nineties. It later struck him...more

Key Loch are Damien Reilly, Gabe Rizza, Sahra and a collective of the many artists that Damien Reilly has worked with, and produced over the past 30...more

Scott Savol never went looking for fame. He simply wanted to do what he loved most, and that was to sing. As a shy 6 year old,...more

Soulman O’Gaia is an experienced international artist and presenter of Jamaican descent based in the Northern Rivers of NSW near Byron Bay. His latest release is called...more

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