DJ Majestik aka Jim Giordano aka DJMKJG, DJ and producer of dance and electronica has been making his brand of music now for over 10 years. He...more

Blue Pie Records is thrilled to welcome Elerax AKA Alex Overd into our talented roster of artists, and we're eagerly anticipating the creative journey that lies ahead...more

Kristopher Ryan, known as the Storyteller, was born in Southern California first emerged in 1994 as a competition dance skater. later, befriended by International Olympic Figure Skater...more

Blue Pie Records proudly welcomes the emergence of a prodigious talent, Gregory Aloisio, known to the world as Leoperdz. Rooted in the thriving musical tapestry of Western...more

Robot Bomb Shelter aka Jake Brower, has been creating and producing music for nearly 25 years under various names. He has undergone several iterations leading him to...more

Formed of blood and bone, steel pierced flesh in anger, the earth split apart and the OUTpsiDER was reborn. His story is a hazardous journey through the...more

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