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    7 Horses started out as an acoustic act comprised of Joanne Filips and Phil Russo, since they started playing local haunts and venues Buddy Braile has come...more

    Andra Suchy has red hair and knows how to sing. She also knows how to hold a chicken upright by the feet so that it relaxes, but...more

    The music of Andy Joslin is an intriguing landscape that chimes and swirls like a pop dream. His songs are emotional constructions that open up as wide...more

      The Atlanta Rhythm Section or ARS have been a major player in the Southern Rock scene, cementing their legacy in the annals of rock and roll....more

    In March 2006, three friends from Sydney formed the band The Aveonics. Such is their energy and dynamics that it took no time at all to establish...more

    Ball in the House is a tour de force of vocal sound that must be heard and seen to be believed. This five-man, pop/R and B "mouth...more

      At 68 years of age, there’s no stopping Bobby Polhemus of the Teemates. Still performing live shows after being in the music business for almost 5...more

    Brother Lou is a singer and songwriter living in Vienna, Virginia.  He has played in bands around New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Miami. Brother Lou currently records...more

    Caitlin Reilly performed professionally in Australia from 1990–2000, collaborating and performing with musicians in the Melbourne and Sydney local music scenes. Fast forward to 2013 and Shanghai...more

    Carrick May is from Sydney's Northern Beaches. He has a degree in Media and Communications. To keep the land lord happy he also works as a doorman...more

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