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    A band called A BAND CALLED PAIN. Call this band what you will, but they cannot be called mediocre. This talented and musically tight foursome inflicts no pain...more

    She walks to her own beat, moves to her own rhythm, sings to her own tune, breathes to her own tempo and dances to her own groove!...more

    At 12:17am on Sunday the 4th of March he takes a good hard look at himself and realizes what he is about to become. Harmony is his...more

    Anomaly is melodic hard-core rock at its absolute best. “Waiting for Venus” is the bands debut CD, an offering from award winning songwriter and producer Richie Robinson....more

    Bone Angel gets a classic set of 3 POWER Metal Tracks to the World to ROCKKKK their eardrums with. We are very pleased to announce the new...more

    Deborah Frost is one of the few people who can claim to have almost been born in the theater, New York's City Center, to be exact, where...more

      Burning The Day is a thrash/metal/heavy metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band formed in 2004 by three friends whose bands had just ended, leaving...more

    "Presenting to you one of the scenes most exciting new skool DnB Dancefloor Producers". Since 2006, Callide has set in stone his imprint as a consistently solid...more

    CROW7 hail from Germany. The band is all things “classic rock”. The band is surrounded by the energy of mystic forces that brought the band to call...more

    Dark Shift brings their own original mix of blazing guitar rhythms, thunderous drum beats, and rapturous song lyrics back to a rapidly growing audience of desperate and...more

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