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    At 12:17am on Sunday the 4th of March he takes a good hard look at himself and realizes what he is about to become. Harmony is his...more

    GonebyTen was formed a few years ago in Sydney Australia. Starting as A 3-piece act GonebyTen played a lot of shows and soon earned the reputation of...more

      The name Grey Goes Down is a disenfranchised finger poking at the bland and colourless clouds that swathe the political and cultural landscape the band was...more

      ‘I Am Duckeye’ is an energetic and quirky, comical punk band! The awesome foursome from Melbourne is described as an, “Australian train wreck, rock band that...more

    Marvel consists of the three super heroes Vocalo, Animalizer and The Ambassador. From their headquarters, located in Brooklyn, NYC, they struggle hard to put an end to...more

    Hailed as the new King of Rock *MYSELF* has been compared to David Bowie, Iggy Pop with the swagger of a young and vibrant Mick Jagger. Both Yoko...more

    The Bleed are a rock four piece band based in Sydney Australia. The Bleeds music is best described as fiery and idealistic, charged with rectitude. Their unique...more

      Described as a “Female fronted fast paced high energy Alternative Punk Rock and Roll band” The Objex first formed in April of 2006 with Felony Melony...more

      A four piece, Vancouver-based rock band that was formed at the beginning of 2002. The Twitch showcases a powerhouse combination of talented songwriters and musicians with...more

    Storming from coast to coast is Cincinnati, Ohio’s The Upset Victory, electrifying audiences with their live performances and capturing the minds of listeners with their stellar recordings....more

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