Alexx Calise is an American singer/songwriter who blends the sound of hard rock, electronica and urban based pop with soaring gritty guitar, angst-ridden lyrics and an instantly...more

Altered States take inspiration from artists such as Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Tool, The Mars Volta and Led Zeppelin. Combining their diverse musical tastes, celestial ideals, and love...more

Redefining traditional musical formulas and blowing away the typical four-piece alternative bands is just another day in the talented, vast world of Aron Lyrd. A complete one...more

Beck Black made their debut at the SXSW festival in Austin in 2014. It was an electric experience transcended by the amazing Adam Alt on drums and...more

Benjamin Hyatt was born in Nashville, TN and moved around a lot growing up because his father was in the military. He followed in his father’s footsteps...more

Swedish Rock Gods "Bleek" are ready to take on the world. With a sound that echoes the influences of bands like: Fleet Foxes, Coldplay, Pink Floyd and...more

Ronald Belford Scott AKA Bon Scott was born on 9 July 1946 at the Fyfe Jamieson Maternity Hospital, Forfar, Scotland to Charles (“Chick”) and Isabelle (“Isa”) Scott,...more

In the world of music, there are those who play it, and then there are those who live it. Brett Leeming, a passionate guitarist and vocalist, undoubtedly...more

CADILLAC BILL is a long stemmed Texan weed from England. Creeping bent grass is also a long stemmed weed than grows throughout this planet. Together, they form a...more

Craig appreciates a wide variety of music and believes that certain styles suit certain songs and that there is no point trying to force them to fit...more

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