A Band Called Pain (ABCP) is an American heavy metal band from Oakland, California. Cousins Allen Richardson (also known as Allen Anthony of the Roc-A-Fella Records R&B...more

Black Dawn’s most direct musical influences include Godsmack, White Zombie, and Five Finger Death Punch. Black Dawn’s discography consists of the demo “Black Dawn” (1996), two full-length...more

The Super Group "Bone Angel" was formed after retirement of Ozzie Osbourne in 1982. They worked together for a few years until Lowery left to join in...more

Burning The Day is a thrash/metal/heavy metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band formed in 2004 by three friends whose bands had just ended, leaving Matt...more

CROW7 hail from Germany. The band is all things “classic rock”. The band is surrounded by the energy of mystic forces that brought the band to call...more

Dave Evans originally arrived in Australia from Carmarthen Wales, aged five, and settled in North Queensland with his family. After forming his first band “In Session” in...more

December's Shadow are a hard hitting 5 piece hardcore thrash metal band from Orlando, Florida USA. They are focussed on a single mission to revolutionize the world...more

Blurring the lines of metal, rock and pop, Freakhouse's hybrid vision is poised to capture the ear of the modern rock world. Formed in the late 90's...more

Friar Rush are a melodic progressive power metal band from Sydney, Australia. They’re adored by their fans, praised by their counterparts and you’ll know exactly why when...more

During 2003 in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, two brothers Mark "Snappa" Gellin (drums) & Paul Gellin (guitar/vocals) with their close mate Pete (bass guitar) formed the...more

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