A Band Called Pain (ABCP) is an American heavy metal band from Oakland, California. Cousins Allen Richardson (also known as Allen Anthony of the Roc-A-Fella Records R&B...more

CADILLAC BILL is a long stemmed Texan weed from England. Creeping bent grass is also a long stemmed weed than grows throughout this planet. Together, they form a...more

GonebyTen was formed a few years ago in Sydney Australia. Starting as A 3-piece act GonebyTen played a lot of shows and soon earned the reputation of...more

‘I Am Duckeye’ is an energetic and quirky, comical punk band! The awesome foursome from Melbourne is described as an, “Australian train wreck, rock band that are...more

Operation Popstar, also known as Lou Yoelin, has officially joined forces with Blue Pie Records as an artist, and the anticipation for what lies ahead in this...more

The Naked Truth is an Atlanta, Georgia based quartet originating in the local hardcore scene in 1988, although the individual band members arrived from far afield: vocalist...more

Described as a “Female fronted fast paced high energy Alternative Punk Rock and Roll band” The Objex first formed in April of 2006 with Felony Melony on...more

A four piece, Vancouver-based rock band that was formed at the beginning of 2002. The Twitch showcases a powerhouse combination of talented songwriters and musicians with influences...more

The Voublys are a rock band comprised of three members - Tama, Mana, and Andy. They formed in 2010 at Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, and their songs suggest...more

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