Dan Caganoff formed Aerial Spans Earth in 1998. The band’s influences at this time were Massive Attack, Pink Floyd and Tool. Dan bought a computer, borrowed a...more

Billy was born in the United States. His musical roots go back to his gospel days in the local church he attended with his family. He is...more

Passion is the only word that can describe the relationship between Castro and music. Music is the only thing that he dreams of with new ideas flowing...more

Christopher Melotti- motivated, down to earth, and musically talented would be the ways to describe him! Christopher, or Chris, is an upcoming artist from Sydney, Australia with amazing...more

Dean Sutton is a music producer from Titenbar, NSW, Australia. Dean has had an extensive amount of experience in the music industry through producing his own record...more

Didge on Fire aka Mark Hembrow are a concept indigenous Australian dance act emerging from the sun drenched land of Queensland Australia and spread from Sydney to...more

DJ 5th Mars originally from Montréal (Québec), Canada. Born in the urban jungle of Montréal city, he quickly develops a passion for techno and electro sounds. In...more

Blue Pie Records is thrilled to welcome Elerax AKA Alex Overd into our talented roster of artists, and we're eagerly anticipating the creative journey that lies ahead...more

Australian based "Moxie" aka Evan Kitchener is a musician, film composer, audio engineer, sound designer, director, editor and producer. His musical style is self described as "Sample...more

Initially inspired to create music using synthesisers, Fusier's first contact with a synthesiser was a VCS3 (Pink Floyd). This left a marked influence for experimentation, as well...more

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